AcademyOne Learning Entrance Scholarship

AcademyOne Learning Scholarship
Award 4666
Campus UBC Vancouver
Session 2012-2016W
Description An entrance scholarship of $1,000 is offered by Academy One Learning to an undergraduate student entering UBC who demonstrates academic excellence. Recommendations are made by the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Awards.
Who is eligible? Canadian secondary school students
Number of scholarships Over 80 scholarships
Value Ranges from $1,000 one-time to $40,000 ($10,000 per year for four years)
General timeline September - December
You’re eligible if you are a Canadian or permanent resident entering UBC’s Vancouver campus:
1. Directly from high school.
2. Strong academic student.
3. Show financial need.
4. Nomination letter from someone who is well-acquainted with you and who can comment on your character, interest in UBC, and financial situation. These individuals could include – but are not limited to – coaches, teachers, counselors, principals, supervisors from work and volunteer positions, family doctors, and community or religious leaders.
5. Deadlines are usually at the end of January.
Application form