Foundation Years

In the early "golden years" of your child's formal education they have the ability to learn at a faster pace than at any other time in their life. What a child learns at this stage will have a huge impact on the success of their lifelong educational development. Building a strong educational foundation is paramount in the first 10 years of a child's life.

A recent report from the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) states that 25% of Canadian children entering school lack the educational foundations needed for the successful acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills.

Major Benefits of Early Education

  • Develops strong educational foundations;

  • Increases a student's confidence;

  • Develops a positive association with learning at a young age;

  • Creates strong learning skills and study habits.

AcademyOne Learning Can Help Your Child

  • Achieve quick and steady progress by using our Math and English Wiz programs. Your child will truly have the tools they need to reach their learning potential;

  • Learn to use a computer as an educational tool at a young age;

  • Enjoy the process of learning by engaging with our focused and fun multi-media programs;

  • Benefit from an at-home learning environment that is fun and interactive.