Tutoring Services

AcademyOne realizes that parents want to know how their child is "measuring up". Does she know what she needs to know? Is he doing enough?

It is important for your child to follow an educational learning plan that is appropriate for their individual needs. The challenge in today’s classroom is that despite students having different learning needs, traditional classroom-teaching doesn’t cater to students that are operating at different levels of understanding. While some students fall behind in class, other students are not being challenged enough. Parents want to know if their child is learning at an appropriate level, and whether or not their child is making progress.

In 2005, we introduced a unique monitoring system that has allowed us to gain detailed insight into a child's academic progress and educational learning style. This allows our staff to help build or reset a learning plan that best suits each student’s individual learning needs.

The academic monitoring system has proven to be an enormous success. In fact, it has surpassed all expectations and has been met with a tremendous response from our students.

AcademyOne Looks After Your Child

AcademyOne Learning’s reporting process is simple and efficient. Our unique reporting system automatically sends us a detailed report that allows us to assess your child's progress and needs on a regular basis. Our programs are designed to support your child's current curriculum. This means that you will know what your child's level of understanding is relative to the curriculum that they are learning in the classroom.

Encouragement Reports

Once our tutors have carefully reviewed and assessed your child’s progress, you can expect positive encouragement, feedback and guidance to ensure that your child is on the right track. Receiving positive feedback from our tutors helps to encourage students to continue using our Math and English Wiz programs regularly. It also helps our students to feel supported.

Upon reviewing your child's report, our tutors will help to maximize your child's learning plan by providing personal guidance that will move them towards improved academic results.

APLUS Incentives

In 2013 we launched an exciting upgrade to our learning system which included our APLUS Incentives Program. To increase motivation and make learning even more enjoyable, students can earn points when completing lessons, games and tests. Points can then be redeemed to enter competitions for fantastic prizes, to purchase items and to participate in other great incentives.