Academic Advancement

Every child has unique skills and talents so why shouldn’t they have the necessary tools to foster them? Our programs engage students in a learning process that motivates them to maximize their potential, regardless of their learning style.

Benefits of Advanced Learning

  • Helps to keep students challenged and engaged in their studies, preventing loss of interest due to boredom;

  • Increases a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) and scholarship opportunities;

  • Teaches students how to exercise effective study habits which can be later used to prepare a student for academic success in University or other Post-Secondary avenues;

  • Provides students the confidence they need to adopt an attitude of excellence and to pursue outstanding achievements in all areas of their life.

AcademyOne Learning Can Help Your Child

  • Learn at home, at their own pace, and with a unique model that supports various learning-styles and needs;

  • Learn educational material before it is even taught in the classroom;

  • Prepare for unit tests and final exams through modules and practice tests.