English Tutoring

English Wiz is the leading English Language software dedicated to tutoring Canadian K-12 Students of all levels. This is a unique and innovative program that keeps students engaged by maximizing the use of technology to teach in a manner that is fun and interactive.

  • Accessible to students at anytime in the comfort of their own home;

  • Specifically designed for Canadian Primary and Secondary Students;

  • For all levels of ability – struggling, average and gifted;

  • Extensive reporting with results automatically recorded and kept so progress can be monitored;

  • Writing coaches can assist your child to improve the quality of their writing;

  • Helpful for immigrant parents wanting to improve their English skills;

  • Teaches students to become self-reliant and not be dependent on others for their success;

  • Can be used on holiday breaks so that knowledge gained in the classroom is not lost;

  • Games are utilized to make learning more fun.