Math Wiz Tutoring

Math Wiz is the leading Math software dedicated to tutoring Canadian K-12 students at all levels. This unique and dynamic program uses a proven multi-media format to provide a powerful learning platform that makes learning Math fun and easy to understand.

As a detailed curriculum based software program it helps students achieve their maximum potential in Mathematics and builds their self confidence. Although the program is supported by professional tutors to assist students every step of the way, students learn to become self-reliant and not be dependent on others for their success.

  • Accessible to students at anytime in the comfort of their own home;

  • Specifically designed for Canadian Primary and Secondary Students;

  • For all levels of ability – struggling, average and gifted;

  • Extensive reporting with results automatically recorded and kept so progress can be monitored;

  • Instant Feedback;

  • Can be used on holiday breaks so that knowledge gained in the classroom is not lost;

  • Homework Helpline;

  • Excellent for exam preparation;

  • Games are utilized to make learning more fun.