Remedial Learning

Students who feel that they lack the necessary skills to be successful in school often feel overwhelmed, stressed and disempowered. They may feel inadequate in comparison to their peers, or express anxiety and behavioral changes at home. If you would like to help improve your child’s learning confidence AcademyOne Learning can help make learning fun and engaging again.

Benefits of Remedial Learning

  • Improve academic success by learning missed concepts and reinforcing weak areas;

  • Build a positive learning attitude and strategy that will create harmony in the household, and at school;

  • Develop long-term and sustainable learning goals that will help your child succeed in primary, secondary and post-secondary learning;

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem;

  • Improve future opportunities and career prospects.

AcademyOne Learning Can Help Your Child

  • By enabling them to learn, practice and master Math and English concepts at his or her own pace;

  • Have the opportunity to go back and learn concepts that they may have missed or not fully understood;

  • Build belief in themselves and their learning abilities in a supportive environment;

  • Connect with friendly tutors that will help them to identify and re-learn missing concepts through our advanced software programs;

  • Learn in the privacy of their home without the anxiety or embarrassment of being judged by others.